Our Leadership Team - Simon Wallace

Simon Wallace, Partner of Wallace Walker.

 Simon Wallace

Simon has extensive consultancy experience gained through working with boards, senior management teams and senior executives from organisations covering a broad and diverse range of industry sectors. He specialises in leadership development and cultural change in both a national and international context, and has designed and delivered a wide variety of seminars and workshops covering strategy, leadership, management, innovation, creativity and change to senior executives in Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia.

He has led the delivery of a number of large change programmes for Wallace Walker within international businesses.  He has also facilitated many of the strategy and organisational development programmes delivered by Wallace Walker for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Simon has an MA in Educational Law from Durham, an MBA from Bradford and is currently completing an MA in Modern Warfare at Kings College. He is a highly experienced and accomplished facilitator, coach and trainer.

Published articles:
 "Globalisation: an infinite opportunity?", Wallace, S and Walker, P, February 2000. Click here
 "Overcoming the sticky problem of expansion.", Wallace, S and Walker, P, April 2000.Click here
 "How to transform your firm.", Wallace, S and Walker, P, July 2000.
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