Defence Sector - Our Services


Our support to our clients includes:

  • undertaking business and option studies, including Combined Operational Effectiveness and Investment Appraisals (COEIA);
  • other effectiveness/performance studies;
  • business/financial planning and analysis;
  • preparation of business cases;
  • setting up new organisations, business models and infrastructures;
  • restructuring, rationalising and re-aligning existing organisations and infrastructures;
  • formulating/implementing organisational, cultural and management change programmes;
  • programme and project management;
  • stakeholder planning, liaison and consultation;
  • implementing commercial structures for more commercial operation;
  • supporting the development and implementation of partnering arrangements and joint ventures;
  • developing strategies and capture plans for income generation;
  • board and executive-level facilitation and team development;
  • management development.
We are active on a number of government procurement frameworks for the supply of our professional services to the public sector.  This provides a fast and efficient contractual route to procuring our services (see About Us - Working with Us/Contracting for Government Work).