Private Sector - Our Focus


Wallace Walker has a wealth of experience of consulting within the private sector on issues concerning strategy, organisation and management.  Our experience spans a wide range of industry sectors, including: engineering and construction; logistics; banking and financial services; aerospace and defence; tourism and hospitality; media; automotive; and retail.  We work with and support businesses operating at all levels - global, international, national or regional.

We assist clients with defining corporate strategy, major restructuring and transformation projects, the development of commercial strategies, and major cultural development programmes.  We have also been deployed to troubleshoot in operating companies experiencing performance shortfalls or to resolve issues concerning a lack of organisational and management alignment.  We have worked extensively on projects involving the setting up of new organisations and business models, as well as on the restructuring, rationalising and re-aligning of existing businesses. 

To complement the above, we also have a wealth of experience in developing management capabilities through management development.  Our professional team are accomplished organisation development and change specialists, management trainers, executive coaches and team developers - experienced at operating at board, senior and middle management levels.  We provide practical support to senior managers to enable them to deal with complex agendas for change, building increased competence and confidence.