Professional Firms - Our Experience


Our experience of working with professional services firms spans a fifteen-year period and originates from our work in offshore territories and finance centres, most notably, the Channel Islands - Jersey and Guernsey - and the Cayman Islands.

We have worked extensively with: law firms; accountancy practices; trust companies; wealth and investment management firms; IT consultancies; and media and advertising agencies.  Projects include the preparation of strategic and business plans for a significant number of professional services firms in each of the above sectors, the establishment of an offshore group structure for a major global investment bank, as well as change programmes for firms seeking to pursue high-growth strategies.

Our work with law firms also includes a project to integrate and internationalise a major intellectual property (IP) law firm.  This involved the development of a preferred strategy for growth and international expansion, and the consequent examination of more commercial structures and ways of working.

Through our work with professional services firms, we have become experienced in dealing with the sensitive issues involved in moving from a partnership to a more commercial structure, or in the deployment of commercial principles and practices within a partnership structure.