Private Sector - Our Experience


Over a fifteen-year period, Wallace Walker has worked on projects spanning a wide range of industry sectors.  In engineering and construction, our experience includes the delivery of a major leadership development programme for the top two hundred managers worldwide of a multinational client, as part of a major change programme, and following an acquisition and subsequent restructuring.

In banking and financial services, projects include the establishment of an offshore group structure for a major global investment bank, and the preparation of strategic and business plans for law firms, accountancy practices, trust companies and international investment management firms.

In the aerospace and defence sector, we have assisted a number of leading defence contractors with transformation projects in response to major corporate restructuring.

In the media sector, we have undertaken strategic reviews with a number of media groups to enable them to develop appropriate strategic responses to markets characterised by a shift towards multi-media and digital technologies.

Finally, in the retail sector, we have assisted a major motor retail plc with the bedding down of a new franchise organisation and senior management team for one of its major brands following an acquisition.