Public Sector - Our Experience


Over a fifteen-year period, Wallace Walker has completed work on numerous projects with UK public bodies, including The Ministry of Defence (MoD), The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA).  We have also worked extensively with devolved government, including the Welsh and Scottish Governments, and with governments of offshore territories, including The States of Jersey, Guernsey and the Cayman Islands.

Our work with UK Government includes establishing a number of new government organisations within both the MoD and the FCO, as well as the successful delivery of what is acknowledged as one of the largest organisation and logistics transformation programmes within the MoD (see our section on Defence).  Within the nuclear sector, we have assisted with the preparation of the business case for the establishment of a new national nuclear laboratory, and on the funding for a national geological disposal unit.

Our work with the Welsh and Scottish Governments includes major organisation design and development projects with its audit, inspectorate and remit organisations for children, care and social services, health and education, as well as with the Wales Audit Office.  We have also been engaged by the NHS Wales to trouble shoot on organisational problems within Local Health Boards.  In the States of Jersey, we have supported the government's business enterprise initiatives through the delivery of strategic management services to around one hundred businesses (SME's).