About Us - Our Clients


Our clients include organisations with a global, international, national or regional focus.  Relationships with our clients is most often at a senior level, typically board and senior managers with our private sector clients, senior civil servants with public sector clients, and partners and/or executive committee members with professional services firms.

Many of our client relationships are long-standing and reflect a continuing relationship with senior individuals as they move to new positions and new challenges within their existing organisation.  Other relationships have travelled across organisational boundaries as individuals have taken up roles with new organisations and have sought to maintain the professional relationship with our firm.  The longevity of these relationship reflects our philosophy of working in genuine partnership with our clients and our ability to deliver long-term sustainable solutions.

As a policy, we do not provide a list of clients on our website.  We would, however, be pleased, on request, to provide further details of our client base, as well as references to help you gauge the impact of our approach and the quality of our results.  Should you wish to speak to one or more of our clients, please contact us directly and we will provide you with necessary information to do so.