Contracting for Government Work


We are active on a number of government procurement frameworks for the supply of our services.  These provide a fast and efficient contractual route to procuring our support.

MoD/DE&S Framework Agreement for Technical Support (FATS)

For the supply of our services to the Defence Sector, we are a registered supplier to the FATS framework operated by the Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S) organisation.  We have mapped our capabilities onto a market knowledge matrix and this information is available to the acquisition community.  FATS is also available for procurement by other government departments.

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UK Government Procurement Service (GPS) framework agreements

For the supply of our services to the wider public sector, this can be accessed through the Government Procurement Service (GPS) framework agreement through a partner organisation of Wallace Walker.

Welsh Government Framework Agreement

For the supply of senior management learning and development to the Welsh Government, this can be accessed through our Framework Agreement with them.  We are one of five organisations who form a Senior Management Development Faculty.

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