Global Investment Bank


Overview: Establishing a new offshore group structure for a global investment bank.

Headlines: Working with the Board of the offshore division, Wallace Walker was engaged to assist with the design of an organisation blueprint for the new offshore group structure.  Key strategic capabilities sought were the ability to maintain local responsiveness whilst at the same time achieving global co-ordination and efficieny through international-scale operations, and the ability to leverage knowledge, resources and innovation between offshore centres.  Our role then focused upon implementation: first, we assisted with the design and deployment of key business processes to enable the new group structure and realise the strategic capabilities being sought; secondly, we delivered a multi-location leadership and change programme for the bank's management population, covering top management through to supervisory grades.

Technical capabilities provided: Restructuring and re-aligning existing organisations / Business process design / Management development.

Duration: 18 months.

Measure of success: The transition to the new offshore group structure was completed successfully within the timescale set for the project.  Strategic capabilities sought were progressively realised, and the positioning of an offshore group - as opposed to individual locations - has been a key success factor in the further expansion of the group's offshore business.

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