About Wallace Walker


Wallace Walker Limited was formed in 1997 and is now a well-established management consultancy and management development specialist firm. Our experience includes consulting with corporations across a wide range of industry sectors, including engineering and construction, banking and financial services, aerospace and defence, media, automotive and retail.  Our professional services expertise includes law firms, accountants, wealth and investment management firms, IT consultancies, advertising agencies and other fee-earning businesses.

We also have extensive experience of working within the public sector, covering government departments, agencies, trading funds, government-owned companies, as well as other arm's-length and non-departmental bodies.  We provide advice and assistance to clients on all aspects of "public to private" transformation, including the process involving a change in status, the introduction of greater commercial disciplines, as well as the organisational and management change required to deliver transformation.

We also specialise in the strategic, commercial and organisational elements of the Defence Support Chain.  We have been consulting within the Defence sector for over fifteen years, producing option studies and business cases in response to different defence policies, strategies and initiatives.  We have run many strategy, management and organisational planning workshops and events, and facilitated a number of high-level partnering discussions between MoD organisations and industry.